Jessie meets the Jessabelles in London

HOOP UK were delighted to welcome the amazing Jessabelles, 15 wonderful Jessie Pavelka Fans, as well as Jessie Pavelka himself to The Academy Hotel in London’s Gower Street.

Hotel manager Federico and his team did us proud by opening up their boardroom and restaurant so that Jessie could meet the Jessebelles for two hours of chat and laughter.

In September, the Jessabelle’s had won the auction for two hours of Jessie’s time. This raised £2700 for HOOP which meant that we had the required amount to be able to apply for Charitable Status.

Both Jessie and the girls were quite nervous but as soon as he came into the room the chatting started and the two hours went by in a flash.

Amongst a whole host of gifts, both HOOP and Jessie were presented with trees dedicated to them as a gesture of new beginnings and unity. Very appropriate for HOOP and it’s many members and supporters.

HOOP UK would like to officially thank The Jessabelles who travelled from all over the UK to attend the event. Your generosity and is very much appreciated.

The HOOP board would also like to thank Jessie for his time and support in all areas. We are so very grateful and look forward to working together in the future to support those in need.