Holly-Ann’s children’s weight loss camp dream comes true

HOOP UK members raise funds to send Holly-Ann to a fabulous children’s residential summer camp ruhollyann 3n by MoreLife to help 8 to 17 year old’s lose weight and win confidence. Holly-Ann’s mum tells her inspirational story.

I was at a very low point in my life. My daughter anhollyann 4d I had a very volatile relationship; she had an eating disorder and felt we weren’t being supportive. Already a member of HOOP, I was introduced to the charity’s FAMILY HOOP group by another member. I quickly made friends with other parents in the group and it was suggested I look into a summer weight loss camp called MoreLife. To be honest, I was at desperation point by then but how would I fund this place? I approached my GP and even appeared in the media.

I’d contacted charities, the bank, friends and family to raise funds but to no avail. In the end, the ‘good old hoop members’ and HOOP UK  funded Holly-Ann’s place as part of a fundraising initiative called “Lynnehollyann1’s dream”. I was totally overwhelmed excited and nervous … for Holly.

When it came to my daughter being at camp, she was emotional at times and excited at others. She would telephone home and tell me how well she had being doing and how it was filled with lots of activihollyann 2ties.

I got to meet some of the staff on camp at Parents weekend; they were really nice and genuine. When I saw my girl for the first time after 2 weeks, I noticed a significant change in her posture and self-esteem. I was overwhelmed; the last 3 weeks seemed to go so quickly, I found my relationship with Holly-Ann was coming back.

Her dad and I picked her up from camp when it ended. It wasa sad day for all the campers, parents and staff and there were a few tears from all … such an overall amazing experience giving a child a new lease of life. My daughter is now part of the cross country team. She’s making healthier and better choices. It is with thanks to MoreLife and HOOP and their members, who invested in her future.

Winter Wonderland Ball

hoopball (1)It’s that time of year again. The Hoop Ball, a time for all us Hoopies and partners/friends to gather and have a great night raising funds and awareness for Hoop UK.

A fantastic evening has been planned with a 3 course meal and entertainment. We also have special guests Dr Chris (Resident Dr on This Morning ITV) and 2 of HOOP’s Ambassadors.  This Ball is all about YOU! Don’t miss out on this event. For tickets please visit the BOOKING WEBSITE.