Gemma’s 40 Day Challenge

HOOP Member and Admin Queen Gemma Corston-Love updates us on her 40 day challenge.

After the Ball I had decided to set myself a challenge of raising £4000 in 40 days so we could send another child to a MoreLife camp THIS summer!
Well that challenge took a whole new direction when I received a phone call from Lesley McCormack one quietSunday afternoon!  She told me about Kellie who is Issy’s mum, how she had desperately tried everything to get her little girl Issy some help with her weight problems.

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Thanks to our Patron – Jessie Pavelka

Message from HOOP Director, Jill Tipping

Lesley and I would like to officially thank our Patron, Jessie Pavelka, for his continued belief in our work and his tireless involvement in fundraising for HOOP.

Earlier on this year, Jessie committed to supporting HOOP with the production of his 2015 calendar, the launch of which was announced last night. We are truly honoured and grateful that he has once again put our charity alongside his work.

In 2012, Jessie donated his time for a meet and greet in London. This not only raised the money we needed to gain our charitable status, but also gave us The Jessabelles, who still support and work with us in all sorts of ways.

In August 2013, he came over to the UK and spent 12 days attending events throughout the country, and the generosity of all of those who attended those10662129 778819425507614 2361372099588562916 o events meant that HOOP was able to move on to the next level, send 3 children to camp and be able to start to work with Public Health England to tackle obesity from the top.

Just two months after that initial tour, Jessie worked with volunteer fundraiser, Jennette Wright, on a weekend of events in Chelmsford, which again raised the capital we needed to keep going.

In December this year he is taking training sessions with winners of the summer auction and he will, of course, be attending events to raise funds again and celebrate the launch of HOOP Scotland. There are also plans being put in place for Jersey and Ireland – so watch this space.

Let’s not forget those from his shows who have become integral parts of HOOP: Lee Veasey, Sarah La Brocq and Beth Clegg – all of whom have given hours and hours of their time to support and inspire, and we would like to give them our heartfelt thanks for all they do for us.

And now we will be benefitting from the sale of his very beautifully produced Jessie Pavelka 2015 calendar.

So Jessie, you are a true asset to our team and you have a generous and beautiful soul. We are blessed to have your support and we look forward to making a difference on all levels.

Thank you.

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