HOOP UK Press Release – National Obesity Awareness Week

HOOP UK Press Release – National Obesity Awareness Week

Helping Overcome Obesity Problems (HOOP UK) is the leading obesity charity in the UK, with over 15,000 members nationally. www.hoopuk.org.uk

The aim of HOOP UK is to:

  • Provide a safe community for people with obesity to communicate
  • Ensure people with obesity have a voice
  • Contribute to and lead efforts to reduce weight stigma and discrimination
  • Raise awareness, understanding and improve education about obesity in the UK
  • Continue to work with organisations and other charities internationally, nationally and regionally
  • Lobby national and local government to ensure people with obesity receive equitable advice, access and where appropriate treatment in healthcare.

As part of national obesity awareness week, HOOP UK are representing the patient voice at an International Conference at UK Parliament, which is debating obesity as a disease. The event will showcase speakers from across the world. This is one of a series of events organised by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for obesity in UK Parliament that HOOP UK has been invited to share their expertise.

Other activities this week that HOOP UK have contributed to include two blogs developed in partnership with the Applied Obesity Research Centre at Leeds Beckett University. The first blog is about obesity being recognised as a disease, raising the challenges that still need to be understood in order for this proposal to be accepted. The second blog highlights the importance of working with patients and the public where research specifically recruits a population based on a health condition. The importance of working with patients has been highlighted by the National Institute for Health Research.

On Tuesday one of the HOOP Directors will be attending a Parliamentary lunch meeting to discuss whether obesity should be recognised as a disease in the UK with key international and UK stakeholders. The discussions will focus on why obesity could be recognised in the UK and the effects that disease recognition might have on the NHS.

Amongst other media outputs, HOOP UK will also be interviewed by Channel News Asia (CNA) on the RCP’s decision to recognise obesity as a disease, which will be broadcast in English from Singapore across SE Asia (25 countries).

For further media enquiries please contact media@hoopuk.org.uk or Sarah Le Brocq on sarah.lebrocq@hoopuk.org.uk

HOOP’s response to Mail Online Article

In response to the article written by The Mail Online today, we would first of all like to congratulate Elizabeth Thomson for having the courage to stand up for the help she needs for her daughter and for all of those other overweight children in our country and anxious parents who do not know which way to turn.

Let us not forget that HOOP was set up by Lesley McCormack whose daughter Allie was just like Holly Anne and who, after a huge amount of work and heartache from her parents, received the help she needed at one of the More-Life camps.

HOOP is the voice of the obese person. Our aim is to make the voice of our members heard.  Brave individuals like Elizabeth, who has been willing to stick her head above the parapet, make our voice so very much louder. As we expected, the comments made have attempted to shoot her down, but she was prepared for this.

We have hundreds and hundreds of parents in HOOP who are at their wits end and do not know where to turn. Cases like this highlight that it is not only the child that suffers, but also the whole family can be effected. Our members understand that parents have accountability – of course they do – but they are calling out for help, guidance and support to be able to help their children grow into healthy adults. Elizabeth, like our founder Lesley, is struggling to access appropriate services.

This is where change needs to happen.

In 2014, HOOP published an insightful report highlighting government spend on obesity in comparison to that allocated to other health services. This was done following a survey of local authority spend under the Freedom of Information Act.

The report can be seen here.

HOOP is about to publish the updated version for this past year’s findings. This will be available within the next week. The results are hugely disappointing as the information gathered indicates a drop in spend around this crucial health issue.

HOOP is ready and willing to work with government health bodies to improve this situation. There is a need for Less Talk and More Action!

Thanks to our Patron – Jessie Pavelka



Message from HOOP Director, Jill Tipping

Lesley and I would like to officially thank our Patron, Jessie Pavelka, for his continued belief in our work and his tireless involvement in fundraising for HOOP.

Earlier on this year, Jessie committed to supporting HOOP with the production of his 2015 calendar, the launch of which was announced last night. We are truly honoured and grateful that he has once again put our charity alongside his work.

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Summer Camp Successes


This year HOOP were able to help three young people improve their quality of life by part funding their attendance at Morelife Summer Camps.

Here are their stories:

From Kellie -, Isabelle’s Mum

Some people say Friday the 13th is bad luck, but not for me. This is the day when I finally found HOOP UK.

After many years of different health professionals trying to help my daughter Issy, nothing was changing and she was still gaining weight. I felt desperate for someone to help.

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The Conquering of Ben Nevis

ben nevis 5

Well done and ‘thank you’ to Mike Kay, Essex Bootcamp, Chelmsford who recently took 50 people up Ben Nevis, raising money for HOOP at the same time! Top man!!

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Team Pavelka swims for HOOP

Banner Pic Channel

Channel Swim Challenge!

By Gemma Love

Have you ever had a dream?  A dream to take on a crazy challenge, but then forgotten about until you have that light bulb moment?  Well, the amazing team that are swimming the channel this month had just that moment!  I have spoken to Beth Clegg to get her view on the fabulous team work involved. 

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Gemma’s 40 Day Challenge

HOOP Member and Admin Queen Gemma Corston-Love updates us on her 40 day challenge.

After the Ball I had decided to set myself a challenge of raising £4000 in 40 days so we could send another child to a MoreLife camp THIS summer!
Well that challenge took a whole new direction when I received a phone call from Lesley McCormack one quietSunday afternoon!  She told me about Kellie who is Issy’s mum, how she had desperately tried everything to get her little girl Issy some help with her weight problems.

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HOOP Climb Snowdon

 Views back to Llanberis

It’s one thing having an idea…and it’s another making it happen…

HOOP (Helping Overcome Obesity Problems) Supporter, Annie Cummins, contacted RAW Adventures to Climb Snowdon at the end of February to enquire about organising a group climb of Snowdon, in North Wales, to raise awareness and funds for this newly formed charity.  She was positive and focused on organising a challenging, yet achievable, event and did an amazing job of attracting 27 people to climb Snowdon, in North Wales on Saturday 31 May.  Annie worked tremendously hard even before setting foot on the mountain, liaising with Kate at RAW Adventures for the many months it took to finalise numbers, payments, Booking Forms and final details.  Well done to Annie for taking on this mountain of administration to start with!

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HOOP Ball Great Success!

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Our thanks go to Mickey Cunningham and the Jessabelles who organised a fantastic evening for the HOOPies at The Mecure Hotel in Maidstone this past Satuday. The ball was attended by Hoopies a far a field as Jersey, Ireland, York, Manchester and Leeds. A great effort by all. The money raised will go towards funding a place for a child at camp this year and plans are already being put in place for next year’s event.

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The Truth Behind Obesity Treatment Levels Uncovered In New Report



Obesity Charity HOOP (Helping Overcome Obesity Problems) UK has published a report highlighting the fact that despite much talk, action on obesity is low and obesity is the poor relation to other public health issues.  

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