Claire and Elaine running for HOOP UK!


A great big Hoopie THANK YOU to Claire Jones and Elaine Ellender who took on the the Great South Run in aid of HOOP UK and raised over £200. They are our little stars! 

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HOOP UK and Virgin Active start positive dialogue

Message from Jill Tipping

I am pleased to say that today I have spoken to a member of the Virgin Active Communications team. I received an apology regarding the break down in communication over a planned HOOP UK event at their Chelmsford Gym.

Furthermore, I will be meeting with their representative in just over a week’s time to look at different ways that Virgin Active can support HOOP UK as we work towards our vision and promote our values. We will also be looking at ways that we can work together to encourage and facilitate fitness and wellbeing sessions for our members.

It has been a distressing few days for all, especially for our fundraiser Jennette who has and is still, putting in so much energy and time into the HOOP fund raising events in Chelmsford in November. We thank her for her fortitude and resilience. But often good comes from bad, and in this case I hope that we can now develop a strong and sustainable relationship with one of our national fitness chains.

I look forward to reporting back on the positive ideas and future steps that HOOP UK beginning dialogue with Virgin Active can bring.

(Virgin Active did offer to support the event in Chelmsford but other arrangements have now been put in place.)

Message re Virgin Active Gym

Message from HOOP UK Director Jill Tipping

Part of the HOOP UK vision is that we as a group aim to break down the stigma that surrounds obesity. It’s a big ask but bit by bit we are doing that through our fantastic groups, willing fundraisers and awareness campaigns.

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Pavelka HOOP UK Tour 2013

All of the HOOP UK Team would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who made the Pavelka HOOP UK Tour of 2013 such an amazing success.

Our Patron, Jessie Pavelka was welcomed at different venues all over England where he was able to raise money and awareness on behalf of HOOP UK.

The amazing thing about this successful tour was that it was only organised a few weeks before it actually happened.

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Raising funds with Jessie and Lifestyles Gym

Lifestyles Gym in Wallingford are holding the last of the fundraising events whilst our Patron Jessie Pavelka is on his tour to the UK.

HOOP UK would like to say a great big thank you to all of the fantastic hosts who have offered their time, premises and expertise to make Jessie’s tour a reality in such a small amount of time.

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We love HOOP UK – Your feedback

We love HOOP UK was the resounding response from a survey recently on the HOOP UK Facebook group.  The support group which has over 630 members asked its members recently for its views. 

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Complaints from parents spark new guidelines on how schools inform parents of a child’s obesity.

There was an interesting article in Friday’s Sun Newspaper by Emily Ashton with regard to new guidelines for informing parents on childhood obesity. HOOP was asked to comment. The story was reported by nearly all the major newspapers. The full Sun article is here followed by HOOP’s full response.

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Getting your views out by helping Channel 5

One of the main aims of HOOP is to be the voice of the obese person. So often, decisions are made about obesity without asking those who live it every day. This leads to a general misunderstanding about how weight issues affect people’s lives.

There is no better way of getting our voice out there than the medium of television.

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Fitness Frenzi enables HOOP to send a young person to camp

He has Zumba’d in a reindeer suit, run quiz evenings and is now having his chest waxed! All to enable a local child to attend More-Life Camp this summer.

HOOP would like to give a great big thank you to Chris Hillary who has raised over £2000 in total for HOOP over the past 6 months.

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First Regional HOOP Group Being Launched

HOOP are very excited to announce that the first Regional HOOP Group is being formed in Great Manchester.

This will be the first of many groups that will be rolled out across the UK and Manchester is going to be headed by HOOP Founding Director, Lesley McCormack and HOOP Ambassador, Charlie Walduck.

Lesley said:

We are thrilled to bits with the way our national online support group has developed over the past year and it will continue to go from strength to strength, but we also realise how critical it is to be able to work regionally. This will enable us to strategically work in partnership with local organisations to achieve the aims of HOOP and of the Regional groups specifically.

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