We love HOOP UK – Your feedback

We love HOOP UK was the resounding response from a survey recently on the HOOP UK Facebook group.  The support group which has over 630 members asked its members recently for its views. 

One user said it was her lifeline whilst another said “I love it there is always someone to listen to your problems” someone else echoed the view saying “I love to read things from people who are doing well and see the photos. It helps me to make the right choices”  The HOOP UK group is growing daily and the admin team work hard to ensure that is a safe, friendly and non-judmental place to post and visit.  RB said “It’s GREAT! Gives me somewhere I can share my weight loss successes and talk without getting the usual family criticism” and ED simply said “Non-judgmental, supportive, inspiring”.

Founder of HOOP UK Lesley came in for much of the praise Ian said “It’s like an extended family. Always here to offer a helping hand if we fall or stumble. Never criticise always supportive.  Could never be without it now. Thank you so much Lesley for setting it up” and Pam said “Brilliant always here for you when having problems well done to Lesley for starting HOOP” Other comments included:

I love to read things from people who are doing well and see the photos. It helps me to make the right choices (NF)

I said HOOP was my lifeline, it’s more than a support group as it supports you as a whole person, though life’s ups and downs, because people matter, because weight loss is emotional as well as physical, the messages and chats I’ve had this week whilst I’ve been through a personal tragedy is testament to the lengths people go to to support their friends, Without HOOP and the support network it provides my life would not be as good as it is now, it’s more than weight loss, it’s my family  (RT)

Absolutely love it! Everyone is so supportive, and the fact that you get support in everything not just weight, it’s a safe place to come to. When I need that extra kick up the bum I come in here & read all the posts gets me motivated again!! I LOVE HOOP! (VH)

I love this group , I’m quite new to the group but the support is amazing and definitely inspirational people, plus made new friends (JL)

Many people felt HOOP was very much part of their extended family and it was part of their daily lives “Its great, keeps me going” (WD) and “HOOP is part of my daily life I would be lost without it” (DS)

Lesley thanked everyone for the support and help in making HOOP what it is today and said she was very proud. Head of support Lynne said “HOOP is a wonderful support to share the good times and the bad and not just weight related and a finger to point you in the right direction.  Every single member pulling together and playing a big part”

What do you think?  Join in the discussion over on the Facebook page.  Do you have a story you would like to share with us?  – get in touch.