HOOP UK Vision and Values

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HOOP UK Vision

Our vision is in our name –  Helping Overcome Obesity Problems

HOOP UK is a safe place to start the journey and a stable, long lasting form of support for all for always.

HOOP UK is in place to improve and to save lives

HOOP UK has been established to be the voice of the obese person, to break down the stigma attached to obesity and working with partners, to affect change at a strategic level in the UK

HOOP UK brings a holistic approach to Health and Well Being through diet, nutrition, lifestyle, supply of relevant information and advice on physical fitness


HOOP UK Values




Challenging but Compassionate

Honest, Open and Genuine but Sensitive

A Safe Place

HOOP UK is Brave

HOOP UK is United

HOOP UK stands for all of the above and represents and is championed by, those who are experts by experience, those who have trained to be experts in the field of obesity and those who support both of these groups.