Fitness Frenzi enables HOOP to send a young person to camp

He has Zumba’d in a reindeer suit, run quiz evenings and is now having his chest waxed! All to enable a local child to attend More-Life Camp this summer.

HOOP would like to give a great big thank you to Chris Hillary who has raised over £2000 in total for HOOP over the past 6 months.

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Regional HOOP UK Groups

HOOP UK is a national charity but we realise the importance of working at a more local level. To this end we have created our first HOOP UK Regional Group as a pilot scheme – Greater Manchester. We will be working with local health and community organisations as well as getting inovled with gyms and other health and wellbeing groups.

Want to get involved in your region? Register your interest through our contact page. Don’t forget to add where you live.

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First Regional HOOP Group Being Launched

HOOP are very excited to announce that the first Regional HOOP Group is being formed in Great Manchester.

This will be the first of many groups that will be rolled out across the UK and Manchester is going to be headed by HOOP Founding Director, Lesley McCormack and HOOP Ambassador, Charlie Walduck.

Lesley said:

We are thrilled to bits with the way our national online support group has developed over the past year and it will continue to go from strength to strength, but we also realise how critical it is to be able to work regionally. This will enable us to strategically work in partnership with local organisations to achieve the aims of HOOP and of the Regional groups specifically.

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