The Conquering of Ben Nevis

Well done and ‘thank you’ to Mike Kay, Essex Bootcamp, Chelmsford who recently took 50 people up Ben Nevis, raising money for HOOP at the same time! Top man!!

On August 9th 50 People From Essex Bootcamp set out on a 14 Hour Drive in Minibuses from Chelmsford. Our Destination BEN Nevis.

10th August at 0800hrs everyone set off towards The Ben Nevis Visitor Centre so that we could gain access to the mountain’s Pony Trail. We then had an ardous trek taking eight hours for everyone to complete the ascent and descent. It was a foggy climb which meant our visibility was just 50 metres at some points and we saw a good deal of snow near the summit. All 50 people completed this amazing achievement, grouping together and supporting one and another. One of our climbers, Ian Evan, was 35 stone a year ago and he marked the occasion 18 stone lighter BOOOOOOM!!!

The next day we had another 14 hour drive home, exhausted but buzzing from everyone’s accomplishment and a mindset that when the going gets tough all you have to think about is placing one foot in front of the other.. When you want to give up, when your tired, hungry, cold and wet, you find out a lot about yourself. You find out that you are stronger than you first thought!

Mike Kay.