Hoop working with Channel 5

Getting your views out by helping Channel 5

One of the main aims of HOOP is to be the voice of the obese person. So often, decisions are made about obesity without asking those who live it every day. This leads to a general misunderstanding about how weight issues affect people’s lives.

There is no better way of getting our voice out there than the medium of television.

To that end, Channel 5 have offered HOOP members the opportunity to have their say within a sensitive documentary that looks at weight issues and how it can affect relationships. We have agreed to ask our members if they would be kind enough to complete the short anonymous survey through the link below.

This will help them to gather the information they need to produce an informed documentary.

If you feel it is right for you, you can go one step further and speak to Channel 5 about taking part as one of the case studies. There is a part on the survey for you to be able to do that. This would be your choice and not something that HOOP would get directly involved with.

It’s great to have the opportunity to ‘have our say’ so please do take the time to fill in the survey.

This is the message from Channel 5


Hoop working with Channel 5Channel 5 Documentary, Love, Life & Weight Loss

We are making a one hour feature for Channel 5, looking at the way weight loss affects people’s relationships. Using a mix of around 5 stories we will discover that weight loss changes more than your body shape. Weight loss can change a person’s priorities, self-confidence, and way of life. That can impact their relationships. The programme will interview people who have seen their lives change after weight loss. We will also follow different parts of their lives to capture a sense of what life is like now.

We are researching the issues in the programme, to help us please fill in this short survey


Click through to survey here


Would you like to be involved?

  • Has weight loss changed your relationship?
  • Perhaps your new figure has given you the confidence to leave an unhappy marriage?
  • Maybe your new body has given you and your partner a new lease of life?
  • Is your partner struggling to cope with the new you?

There is a part on the survey that allows you to input your contact details if you would like to be considered for the programme and a member of the documentary team will be in touch.

Thank you!