Pavelka HOOP UK Tour 2013

All of the HOOP UK Team would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who made the Pavelka HOOP UK Tour of 2013 such an amazing success.

Our Patron, Jessie Pavelka was welcomed at different venues all over England where he was able to raise money and awareness on behalf of HOOP UK.

The amazing thing about this successful tour was that it was only organised a few weeks before it actually happened.

The list is extremely long, but we would like to thank as many people as we can. Enjoy the photos!

Chris Hillary – Fitness Frenzi – Thank you for SO much! Sue Dinsdale at Hythe Tennis Club Caroline Ward at Rosemary Connerly In Capel
Jennette Wright – our auction winner Beth Clegg and her sister Meg in West Sussex The Jessabelles!
Stephanie Ledigo at Elite Fitness, Manchester Alice Hanny and John Hill, Fit Brummie Bootcamp The Lisa’s. All 3 of them at Lifestyles Gym
Meghan Keeler – Jessies stalker (and photographer) Weight Loss Bitch! You Rock! Monique Furniss in Rotherham
Mickey from The Jessabelles – always on hand…   Lastly – Jill Tipping’s long suffering husband – John!  

Finally, and most of all, HOOP UK would like to thank the man that made it all possible and who spent two weeks away from his family in Toronto to promote his chosen charity:-