Gemma’s 40 Day Challenge

HOOP Member and Admin Queen Gemma Corston-Love updates us on her 40 day challenge.

After the Ball I had decided to set myself a challenge of raising £4000 in 40 days so we could send another child to a MoreLife camp THIS summer!
Well that challenge took a whole new direction when I received a phone call from Lesley McCormack one quietSunday afternoon!  She told me about Kellie who is Issy’s mum, how she had desperately tried everything to get her little girl Issy some help with her weight problems.

Straight away I knew we needed to help.

A little about about Issy – The lovely Issy is 12 and has two big sisters, Poppy and Maisie.  She lives in Bristol and after a long battle was finally diagnosed with Hyper Mobility and Dyspraxia.  The Hyper Mobility leaves Issy prone to injury and has to wear supports on her ankles during exercise and PE which she finds embarrassing.

However, even with her challenges Issy is ready for camp!

Issy’s mum felt “its crucial for Issy to have the opportunity to attend MoreLife Camp this summer, because she is at a point in her development where she wants to tackle this problem”

MoreLife camp provides a holistic input and continues follow-up with great results. 

Well after some hard work and stunning donations by the HOOP UK members we smashed the £4000 mark in just 21days!  We are now at over £5000 so we have a great start for next years camps fund.  Issy’s mum managed to secure some funding from Simply Health Bristol who have donated £500 to the fund!

We are still building the fund to help another young girl attend camp this summer. Abby is 10 and will be going as a day camper – we just need the extra funds!  So please click through to Just giving 40 day challenge.

We will be updating you on Issy’s progress and if you would like any more information on what MoreLife does go to there website