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HOOP UK is born

Allie McCormack was bullied at school for being overweight. Her life was miserable. Her parents were distraught beyond belief. Allie’s Mum Lesley worked tirelessly to find the help and support that she needed to, in turn, help her youngest daughter. The frustration was immense but Lesley refused to give up.

To the detriment of her own health, Lesley took her plight to the GP, the local PCT and even Downing Street, but she kept coming up against brick walls which just added to her panic attacks and anxiety.

Finally, Lesley discovered a summer camp that had been created by Professor Paul Gately, now a family friend and supporter of Lesley’s work with HOOP UK.

Allie’s family managed to raise the funds allowing her to attend this life changing summer camp.

The picture below is how Allie is now – just like any other teenager. She is fit, healthy and happy. Her regular trips to the local gym pay tribute to that!

But not all parents can afford the fee, which at the time was £3500. Lesley decided that somehow she had to help. That was when she created HOOP UK.

HOOP UK started as a support group on Facebook but has now gone on to be a fully fledged organisation. A company limited by guarantee, HOOP UK is applying for charitable status and will be raising money to help children like Allie.

It will also be working with professional organsiations to bring awareness to the general public about how obesity can destroy lives and where help can be found.

If you would like to get involved with HOOP, contact us here.

C 71 article 1582362 image list image list item 1 image300