How HOOP UK Started

kidnhoop1Lesley McCormack is the Founding Director Of HOOP UK Limited.

I became increasingly frustrated by the lack of support available for overweight and obese children, young people, families and adults. I felt something positive needed to be done.

My daughter was obese. I found it impossible to get any help or support for her. I was judged, blamed and ignored. None of these things were helpful to me or my child. In fact they were damaging.

Having found a service which I knew could help us, we were then met with many obstacles along the way. I had to fight like never before to get help for my daughter and it was an experience which I feel no other parent or child should have to endure.

Childhood and adult obesity is at a crisis point throughout the world and at its very worst here in the UK and yet people are being denied access to proven weight loss services.

Whilst there is some investment in national healthy eating and exercise messages such as the very successful Change4Life campaign, there is still a lack of preventative measures across all services and for all age groups. In particular, there is a lack of structure in support of ensuring young children at risk of obesity are helped and supported to make changes to improve their chances of a healthy weight in adulthood. And very little is done or on                                                   offer for adults who are already obese or at serious risk of obesity.

                                                 This is where HOOP UK (Helping Overcome Obesity Problems) aims to bridge that gap.

We are a unique group of passionate people including professionals and our aim is to make the changes needed so that all children and adults are given access to services which are right for them.

HOOP UK is run by people who care and understand so our support is second to none.

We want to help children and adults achieve a happy and healthy life style, we aim to create the correct environment for people to succeed and we offer support every step of the way.


If you would like to get involved with HOOP UK please let us know through our contacts page.

HOOP UK Limited is a company limited by guarantee. HOOP UK is a registered charity.