What is HOOP UK?

HOOP UK is a registered charity which operates as a membership organisation to represent the voice of the obese person. HOOP members form a mutual support group and provide a valuable link between those who struggle on a daily basis and the healthcare organisations that provide evidence based weight management services.

HOOP was formed in 2010 by Lesley McCormack who set up a social media platform to support the parents of obese children who were not getting any assistance from their local healthcare services. Her personal experience helped shape the HOOP vision. For two years Lesley single-handedly ran the HOOP webpage; providing information, guidance, impartial support and encouragement. Volunteer online administrators – all experts by experience – were recruited and helped manage the growing number of members actively using the HOOP Facebook Group to discuss the challenges they face.

In 2012, and with a very large membership to support, Jill Tipping joined HOOP and within one year the organisation had become a registered charity, had a total membership in excess of five thousand people , had recruited more volunteer administrators and had appointed a board of trustees (known within HOOP as the strategy team). The HOOP strategy team work with professional organisations throughout the UK providing feedback from their members regarding existing services and identifying the gaps.

HOOP members are experts by experience who deserve, and who now have, a voice.