HOOP member Jo’s inspirational story

Jo has been a member of HOOP since March 2012. Below is her story. Well done Jo you are a true inspiration.

My story is… I mjo ensor 1arried my first love at almost 17, he was Indian. His family was religious and believed in arranged marriage so were not happy about us marrying. We then had a daughter. Both myself and my daughter were kept secret from all his family, even his brothers. We only visited if just his mum was in and if people knocked on the door me and my daughter were hidden in another room. My husband would go and stay at his mum’s for weekends or even weeks at a time if family visited so they would all think he was a good Hindu boy waiting for an arranged marriage. He would never be seen out in public with me in case he was seen by extended family which made me feel “not good enough” and I took comfort in food.

I was completely controlled. I worked and my wages were paid into his bank, he did the food shopping, sorted the bills etc. I had to go to college in secret while he was at work. He found out 2 weeks before my exams and destroyed the books. Life continued like that for 10 years until one night he told me he no longer loved me and left. No explanajo ensortion, no warning, just went. I was devastated. I found out 2 weeks later that he was having an affair with my best friend who he is now married to and has a child with. All of his family know about his new wife and child which made me feel even more that I wasn’t good enough.

I continued to eat and get bigger while my husband had his happy new life with a size 6 ex best friend.

Now I look back and see that they both did me the biggest favour as I deserved far, far better. I am now with the real love of my life who married me at nearly 35 stone and loves me for me. My weight loss is for him as well as me so I can live as long as possible with him. I truly believe things happen for a reason. For me I’m getting healthier, happier and am meeting some amazing people along the way.