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HOOP UK Terms of Use

HOOP UK is a nationwide organisation that provides support for those struggling with the issues surrounding weight management and obesity.  We do not advocate, endorse or advise any particular method of weight loss and weight management. HOOP UK aim to: Facilitate increased awareness and engage with the public on the issues of childhood and adult obesity. […]

Raising funds with Jessie and Lifestyles Gym

Lifestyles Gym in Wallingford are holding the last of the fundraising events whilst our Patron Jessie Pavelka is on his tour to the UK. HOOP UK would like to say a great big thank you to all of the fantastic hosts who have offered their time, premises and expertise to make Jessie’s tour a reality […]

Getting your views out by helping Channel 5

One of the main aims of HOOP is to be the voice of the obese person. So often, decisions are made about obesity without asking those who live it every day. This leads to a general misunderstanding about how weight issues affect people’s lives. There is no better way of getting our voice out there […]

Regional HOOP UK Groups

HOOP UK is a national charity but we realise the importance of working at a more local level. To this end we have created our first HOOP UK Regional Group as a pilot scheme – Greater Manchester. We will be working with local health and community organisations as well as getting inovled with gyms and […]

First Regional HOOP Group Being Launched

HOOP are very excited to announce that the first Regional HOOP Group is being formed in Great Manchester. This will be the first of many groups that will be rolled out across the UK and Manchester is going to be headed by HOOP Founding Director, Lesley McCormack and HOOP Ambassador, Charlie Walduck. Lesley said: We […]

Edwina laughs in the face of fear!

HOOP member and supporter, Edwina Clarke (Ed) plucked up the courage and raised a gigantic £435 for HOOP when she took up the abseiling challenge from a water tower during an event organsised by The Rotary Club of Harlow Rye. Edwina said: ‘Hoop has given me so much since I became a member so I […]