Who Will Benefit

HOOP UK supports children, young people, adults and their families. It also provides support and information to health and care professionals and the wider public.

HOOP UK will also provide a useful link for professionals who are seeking to increase their knowledge base, confidence and overall awareness on the subject of overweight and obesity.

HOOP UK’s aim is to set up two community forums.  One will be a support forum for like minded people to share ideas, resources, information and, when needed, solace for when things get tough. This is already being run successfully on Facebook.

There will also be a forum for professionals to share knowledge and best practice on the subject of obesity and weight management.

HOOP UK Limited is a not for profit company limited by guarantee

Aims and Objectives of HOOP UK


HOOP UK is a nationwide organisation. It is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.

HOOP UK aims to be the ‘go to’ organisation in the UK for support for those struggling with the issues surrounding weight management and obesity.

We aim to:

Facilitate increased awareness and engage with the public on the issues of childhood and adult obesity.

This will be achieved through working with media, the web (social networking, campaigns, webcasts and updated news on our own website), lobbying of local, regional and national organisations (public and private sector).

With the help of professionals, the public and private sector, individuals who have experienced weight management issues and a band of willing volunteers, HOOP UK is creating a hub of knowledge, resources and support to be able to bring awareness and understanding to the public at large of how obesity affects lives.


Provide guidance and support to parents who feel challenged by their child’s or their own weight

This will be achieved through providing a range of useful information and resources, expert guidance, web information, parent forums, ‘expert patient’ programmes and signposting to relevant sources of support.


Improve access to appropriate evidence based weight management treatment and prevention programmes for children, young people and adults

This will be achieved through providing financial assistance and support in generating sponsorship required to access relevant and appropriate treatment programmes developed through public and private partnerships – including local authorities, charities, corporate sponsorship/donations and weight management providers.

HOOP UK will raise money to be able to financially support projects throughout the UK building a network of people who are ready to take action tackling the issue of obesity in this country.

HOOP UK will be creating and supporting projects which give support to those who are most vulnerable at the time when they most need it.



What is HOOP UK?

HOOP UK is a registered charity which operates as a membership organisation to represent the voice of the obese person. HOOP members form a mutual support group and provide a valuable link between those who struggle on a daily basis and the healthcare organisations that provide evidence based weight management services.

HOOP was formed in 2010 by Lesley McCormack who set up a social media platform to support the parents of obese children who were not getting any assistance from their local healthcare services. Her personal experience helped shape the HOOP vision. For two years Lesley single-handedly ran the HOOP webpage; providing information, guidance, impartial support and encouragement. Volunteer online administrators – all experts by experience – were recruited and helped manage the growing number of members actively using the HOOP Facebook Group to discuss the challenges they face.

In 2012, and with a very large membership to support, Jill Tipping joined HOOP and within one year the organisation had become a registered charity, had a total membership in excess of five thousand people , had recruited more volunteer administrators and had appointed a board of trustees (known within HOOP as the strategy team). The HOOP strategy team work with professional organisations throughout the UK providing feedback from their members regarding existing services and identifying the gaps.

HOOP members are experts by experience who deserve, and who now have, a voice.